Gabriel Education Ministry & Support (GEMS) extends the ministry of Project Gabriel by offering mothers opportunities to learn more about themselves, their Christian faith, and being better parents. The program helps women take their place in the larger world of work and service and supports their continued education with scholarship awards.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 unmarried Gabriel moms will face another crisis pregnancy within three years. These moms need additional guidance and support after they have their babies.  Through GEMS these women develop a stronger sense of self-esteem, realization of their God-given abilities, and become more empowered to learn and make good choices.

Who is eligible for GEMS

GEMS is open to any woman served by Project Gabriel who is “poised for growth,” and recommended by her Angel and the Project Gabriel team. To receive assistance from her personal coach, as well as the incentives and rewards offered by GEMS, she agrees to complete the required modules (or their equivalents) and has the goal of graduating from the program.

GEMS candidates need not be a certain age, but they must be in a position to make choices themselves and set personal goals without severe restrictions placed by parents, civil authorities, and/or physical or mental health.


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