Project Gabriel provides practical help to women who have chosen life. Help comes in the form of a Gabriel Angel who supports the mother’s choice for life through prayer, ongoing friendship and encouragement, and referrals to parish/community resources. Mothers who request a Gabriel Angel are referred from Birth Choice or other Christian pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, parishes, and

As a Gabriel Angel, you will bring hope, comfort, and friendship to a woman in your community during her pregnancy. Your support witnesses to the value of both the unborn child and the mother who chooses life for her child.


Training includes:

Our one-day trainings are held at the Catholic Pro-Life Community (CPLC) office in Addison three times a year: January or February in English, May or June in Spanish, and September or October in English. Angels are commissioned at the end of the training and are then eligible to be paired with a mother. All Angels are required to go through the “safe environment” training at a parish or with the CPLC.  This training is for anyone who ministers to the young or vulnerable.

  • Overview of the Catholic Pro-Life Community & Project Gabriel
  • Excerpts from the encyclical The Gospel of Life
  • Effective inter-communication skills
  • Strategies for meeting the material needs of mothers in crisis
  • Information and referrals for open adoption
  • Pre and post-natal resources for mothers and babies
  • Leading a chaste lifestyle
  • Natural family planning
  • Spirituality
  • Goal-setting
  • Role-playing


For more information on becoming a Gabriel Angel or how to implement Project Gabriel within your parish contact  | 972-267-LIFE (5433).

Pregnant? Need Help? | 214-466-9769