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Comments from Teachers

Topic: Abortion

  • “I hope it will fill them with a desire to protect life and a realization of the cruelty of abortion.”  (Teacher, St. Monica)
  • “Opened their eyes and will challenge them to actively fight abortion in their adult lives.  (The speaker’s) honesty and openness to the students was profound.”  (Teacher, Prince of Peace)

Topic: Life Issues

  • “Your examples were very good, hitting the nail on the head.  Super job.  They seemed to relate to you.  Keep it up!”  (Teacher, St. Philip) 
  • “They have a more well-rounded and factual approach to what the topics actually are (and) how they affect the world and individuals.  The handouts were helpful.  Thank you for a wonderful presentation.”  (Teacher, Mary Immaculate)

Topic: Chastity

  • “The visuals are good.  The sincerity with which it was presented was well done.  It’s great to hear it from someone other than the teacher/parent.  I think this program will help them choose chastity.”  (Teacher, Immaculate Conception)
  • “Role playing (was beneficial).  A lot of interaction with group—small group worked well.”  (Teacher, St. John/Ennis) 
Comments from Students:

Topic: Abortion

  • “I learned that there are many ways to perform an abortion.  I also learned that it is painful for the baby and has side effects for the mother.”
  • “I have always felt that abortion is wrong, but now I know it is extremely wrong.”

Topic: Life Issues

  • “Yes (my feelings have changed) in appreciating life more.”
  • “My feelings (are) deeper about what we talked about.  Like abortion.  I really feel against it now.”

Topic: Chastity

  • “Say no to the liars and say no to everyone until you are married.”
  • “…that I can stay committed to God and I can wait as God wants.  …cause it is mostly about love for God and the person you love.”
  • “I have had a deeper understanding of what can happen to me, and I understand the consequences for my actions.  …when I meet the man of my dreams I can offer my whole self.”
  • “…wait until you’re married.  Because if you don’t, you might regret it.”

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life to those who hear.  – Proverbs 10:11