“In the spring of 2004, I attended my first Bishop's Dinner in Dallas while working for the Coalition for Life, a small pro-life ministry in College Station.  As I walked into the banquet facility that night, I was surrounded by the largest crowd of pro-life volunteers and supporters I had ever seen assembled in one room.  During the program, I learned about the enormous life-saving impact of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, and instantly realized that I wasn't thinking nearly big enough.  I went home inspired to do more than ever before.  A few short months later, we kicked off the first-ever 40 Days for Life in Aggieland, leading to the mobilization of 1,000 people and the slashing of local abortions by 28%.  Since that time 40 Days for Life has spread like wildfire to 307 cities across all 50 states and seven other countries.  “More than 300,000 people have prayed, fasted, and participated in peaceful 40 Days for Life vigils, and by the grace of God, so far, more than 2,300 babies and mothers have been spared from abortion, 27 abortion workers have quit their jobs, and 5 abortion facilities have closed down.  I would never have imagined that possible – until I attended the Bishop's Dinner in Dallas.  At that life-changing event, my vision was expanded to realize it's not a matter of ‘if’ abortion ends – it's a matter of ‘WHEN.’  Do not miss this year's Bishop's Dinner in Dallas.  You will be filled with hope, and maybe – like me – your life will be forever changed!"


Michael Medved - Author & Radio Host

"Your banquet remains the single most impressive and moving pro-life event I've ever attended... May God continue to bless your efforts as you deserve.” 


Tom Clark - Pro-Life Chairman of Texas Knights of Columbus, President of Hike for Life, Inc.

“In the Spring of 1996, I was the Grand Knight of Council 10646 in Rowlett. During a meeting, one of the Knights suggested that the Council pay for me and my wife to attend the Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner as their representative.  I was overjoyed to think that not only was I going to represent my Brother Knights, but I was going to get fed doing it… and best of all there was going to be dessert! What could be better than that? 

"Oh, I was pro-life. At least that is what I said. But at that time I couldn’t tell you where any abortion clinics were in Dallas, how many children we had lost to abortion, or the first thing you could do to help a young mom with an unanticipated pregnancy. I had not even been to my first Hike for Life. 

“So the Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner was to be my first pro-life event ever. I sat there and enjoyed my dinner, eyeing my dessert the whole time, and listened to the various speakers who had been introduced by Karen Garnett, the Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. Once the great anticipation of the evening had come to an end, that is, my dessert, I really began to listen more intently to those speaking. Karen Garnett was truly my first witness to life as I had heard very little talk of pro-life in my faith walk up to that time. 

“Then IT happened. A young mom was introduced who was holding a baby about six months of age. This mom was going into an abortion clinic to abort that very child but was intercepted by a sidewalk counselor. As she stood up there and bravely told her story, a thousand different thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me. Watching her cry and say that her baby, that she was about to kill months prior, was her greatest gift, caused me to become a true Pro-Life advocate… it changed my life forever. 

“Today I am the State Pro-Life Chairman for the Texas Knights of Columbus and I am the President of Hike for Life, Texas’ oldest pro-life event. 

“A lot of time has passed since that fateful dinner, but rarely a day goes by where I don’t find myself reflecting on that mom and her sweet little one. God used my sweet tooth to bring me into this ministry and I am eternally thankful for this… I just wish He didn’t have such a sense of humor… now I’m diabetic… oh well, I’ll still have my dessert at the next Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner.”


Ronda Moreland, 2010 Bishop's Dinner Honoree

“My first Bishop's Dinner could be summed up into three words: my defining moment. What started as a spark that evening of 'Oh, I really need to get involved and help’ rolled fiercely into a ball of fire that even I cannot control. While I understand not everyone's calling may be pro-life work, I can assure you that if you have never been to the Bishop's Dinner, you will be awakened to the truth on that fun-filled evening!”