Stories from the Street

Some of our devoted Sidewalk Counselors share their front-line experiences as they stand as the last sentinels for life outside the Three abortion facilities of Dallas.
*Names have been changed for confidentiality.

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God's Love in the Snow

The three of us (sidewalk counselors) arrived at the abortion facility without incident. The snow didn't start until after all arrived. And when it arrived, it was beautiful! Flakes gently falling and covering our coats. It was cold, but everyone was in good spirits. (Sometimes it can be downright oppressive on the sidewalk; but those times are ok too, because then we know there is work to be done for our Lord.) 

With the weather, we weren’t sure the nearby pregnancy resource center would open, but low and behold, the director arrived. She gingerly turned into the empty, snow-covered parking lot, rolled down her window and cheerfully called out: "We’re open!!"  Continue reading.

I tried to leave ... twice

Twice today, I tried to leave the abortion center as we received warnings of a dangerous storm system capable of tornado activity. My thoughts turn to Oklahoma... the devastation. Before leaving, I ran up the stairs to offer prayers in the chapel of the neighboring pregnancy resource center. One of the center volunteers tried to open the Chapel door. We could hear the lock clicking "open" but the door wouldn't open. After several tries, I just knelt at the door and asked the Lord for protection for all those in harm’s way (whether from abortion or the storm). Continue reading.

Oh me of little faith

Yesterday. I talked with a young man (I'll call him Samuel) who had just exited from the abortion facility. He was a nice-looking man, clean-shaven, neatly dressed, in his 20’s or 30’s, strong. I thought I recalled talking to the couple when they entered and giving them literature. Now sitting in his car, he looked so sad... hurting... somber. Continue reading.


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