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Dallas Abortion Facilities

There are now three remaining abortion facilities currently operational in Dallas (updated January 2018), down from 13 in 1990.  

The Catholic Pro-Life Community and other groups provide coverage with sidewalk counselors and prayer partners at each of these facilities before and during the hours in which unborn children are being killed. Please come join us in prayer and help save lives! Sidewalk counselors are present during the time abortions are performed, generally Monday through Saturday mornings.

Planned Parenthood South abortion facility

7989 West Virginia Dr at Wheatland Rd 
17,000 square foot ambulatory surgical center, opened in August 2014. 

Southwestern abortion facility 

8616 Greenville Ave at Royal Ln (NE corner) 
ambulatory surgical center aborting through 20 weeks, opened in October 2009

Northpark abortion facility

8363 Meadow Road
reopened March 2017 after U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down provisions of "HB 2"

Previously operational locations:

  • Routh Street - closed and leveled to the ground!

  • Robinson's at 1929 Record Crossing closed and leveled to the ground!

For more information about sidewalk counseling or providing on-site support for our sidewalk counselors as a prayer partner, please contact

“Rescue those who are being dragged off to death.” — Proverbs 24:11